Senators do more than talk.

In the last election cycle, there was a lot of noise about state-funded abortion and tax increases. Sadly, no one we elected did anything about it, despite big promises.

Powerful leadership starts with proposing good legislation. As your state senator, I will propose legislation that will work for us in the 55th, and will appeal to others in the state.

1. Repeal State-funded Abortion Legislation

I believe strongly in the sanctity of life, and that life begins at conception. I believe the purpose of government is to defend the rights of all citizens from violence, including those who do not yet have a voice of their own to speak in their own defense.

I will introduce legislation to eliminate all forms of state funding that support abortion.

2. Repeal Recent Tax and Licensing Increases

Illinois already has some of the highest taxes and fees placed on its citizens of any state in our nation. If our state government cannot learn to live in the budget it has now, simply giving it more money will not solve the problem.

I will introduce a bill to repeal several recent tax hikes and restore auto licensing fees to former levels.

3. Minimum Wage Reform

We know that competitive wages are needed, but the recent statewide minimum wage hike was not well thought through. What works in Chicago does not always fit the reality we live out down south.

I will propose a bill to regionalize the minimum wage increase to allow lower rates in areas where the cost of living is lower and higher wages would prove too much for small businesses, schools and governmental units to support.

4. Improve Oil and Gas Regulation

A foundation of our economy in Southern Illinois has always been oil and gas exploration and extraction. Over the past decades, increasingly restrictive regulations have made it harder and harder to find and utilize new reserves of petroleum.

I will propose legislation to amend statutes regarding oil and gas exploration to make it less restrictive to drilling and production.

5. Relax Roadside Signage Laws

Small business need to do everything they can to attract customers, including being able to advertise at their location. Broadly written signage restrictions on roadside advertising have unfairly limited the ability of small businesses to identify and advertise their existence.

I will propose a bill to relax restrictions on road advertising signage to permit local business to be more competitive.

6. Teacher Credential Requirements

It is important for our children to have teachers that are proficient and professional. Requirements for Illinois teachers have made it so difficult for new teachers to be hired that many positions state wide remain open. Our teachers must be qualified, but classes of children without teachers at all is no solution.

I will introduce legislation to relax credential requirements for teachers to allow more teachers to be eligible for hiring while still protecting the future of Illinois education.

7. Worker's Compensation Reform

It is important to protect the rights of employees and of businesses where workers compensation is concerned. Under current legislation, it is possible for a worker to carry claims forward into a new place of employment after being injured at a previous job.

I will propose a bill to restrict the liability for workers compensation claims to the place of employment where an accident or injury occurred.  

8. Repeal FOID Card Legislation

Defending our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms includes defending citizens from burdensome and restrictive legislation and bureaucracy. I believe the Firearm Owners Identification Card required in Illinois represents just such an inappropriate restriction by introducing a legislative hurdle to gun ownership.

I will introduce legislation to repeal the current FOID card legislation and eliminate restrictions from would-be gun owners from purchasing and possessing firearms.

9. Repeal Recent Income Tax Hikes

Illinois has long been a bastion of industry, innovation and commerce among the states of our great nation. We were once a state that attracted workers from across the country for the opportunity of a better life and better economic opportunity. Sadly, this is no longer the case. With some of the highest state income taxes in the country, people are now fleeing Illinois to neighboring states.

I will propose a bill to repeal recent state income tax hikes in an effort to reduce the burden of governance and help make living and working in our state the attractive and irresistible opportunity it once was.  

10. Term Limits For State Officials

Holding political office should not be a life-long career choice. The longer our elected officials such as state representatives and state senators stay in office, the more susceptible they are to special interests who provide money and connections needed to maintain campaign after campaign. Our democracy thrives on participation at all levels, and limiting the number of terms any one person can serve will open our legislature to a wider voice that better represents the people of Illinois.

I will introduce legislation to institute term limits for state senator and representatives and other office holders as appropriate.

11. Photo ID Voting Requirements

The old joke of "vote early, vote often" in Illinois is no laughing matter when it actually effects the outcome of elections. Participating in our shared democracy through voting is a near-sacred activity. Ensuring our elections are free and fair, and that the outcomes are trustworthy is crucial. One route to ensuring the fairness of our elections is preventing voter fraud by guaranteeing every person who comes to the poles is who they say they are.

I will propose legislation to require all voters present a photo ID at polling stations to ensure accuracy in vote counts and legitimacy of election outcomes.